Photo: Jörg Brunsendorf

My background

Voice, language and sound have always played a central role in my life: First in my work in the recording studio as a music producer and DJ, later in my work as a translator and subtitler of TV series, documentaries and feature films.
And since 2010 as a voice actor.
I fell in love with the art of voice acting in London, where I lived for 10 years. In studios in the UK I gained my first experience in voice-over recordings in German and English. After returning to Berlin, I further professionalized my voice-over work, with my own studio and a network of partners for all audio production needs.

Since then, I have voiced commercials for brands such as Lego, HP and Google, characters in videogames such as Strife and Angry Birds, the audio editions of magazines Spektrum der Wissenschaft and G/Geschichte, documentaries such as Picture Stories, Haiti Rescue and Fear City: New York vs The Mafia, as well as explainer videos and e-learning courses on various subject matter such as work place safety, IT, medicine and pharmaceuticals.

I see training and education as an ongoing, never-ending process. The path is the goal. Each of my trainers and coaches has helped me take a small or large step towards this goal. To name a few:

Anne Feuker (Vocalis) with voice training

Claas Würfel & Marvin Münstermann (ActorFactory) with acting training

Katharina Koschny (Akademie für Professionelles Sprechen) and Irina von Bentheim (Christian Rode Sprecherschule) with dubbing training
Carmen Molinar with advanced training in voicing documentaries
Matthias Cieslik (Sprecherschmiede) and Willi Meyer with voice acting for commercials and radio spots
Christian Rode and Uve Teschner with coaching in audio book narration

What do I offer?
First and foremost: My voice.
Recorded and produced either in my own studio or in a studio of your choice.
There is the option of remote direction.
I am also happy to help with editing and post-production of audio tracks or with proofreading, adaptation and translation of voice-over scripts.

By the way, having lived and worked in London for over 10 years, I speak English at a professional level and I am happy to be available for recordings in English – as for example for the documentary Picture Stories.

Video samples and demos are also available on my YouTube channel.